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Eco-conscious pet care for cats

Companion animals are a little bit like kids. They make life better, empty your wallet, require a big commitment, bring insane amounts of joy and poop in your life and can unfortunately create a whole load of landfill, waste and a trail of single-use plastic. But, much like raising human babies as eco-consciously as possible, you can do the same for animals in your care with a little thought and planning.

I’m avoiding the term “zero waste pets” as it’s near impossible to create no waste at all, and this post is about the reality of putting 100% effort in as a busy working mum on a budget and getting the best results I can.

Although pouches are very convenient to use, billions of them EVERY YEAR end up in landfill making them as big a burden as single-use coffee cups


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Zero waste tips – Part 2

We are about six months into our slow but steady mission to reduce our family’s plastic footprint. As time goes on, old products get used up and more earth-friendly alternatives are discovered. Our first top 10 plastic-free tips post is a great starting point for those embarking on plastic reduction, and we continue the series with our second helping of everyday vegan friendly alternatives to going plastic-free:

Taken from our Positive Plant-Based Parenting Blog site

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Top 10 zero waste tips for beginners

We are addicted to plastic – but what can we as average families do to help? Here are 10 everyday swaps we can make to reduce our plastic footprint and do our bit for our planet and all Earthlings that depend on her, human and non-human.

See the link below for our easy-to-adopt plastic free everyday life hacks from our vegan positive parenting blog


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Our first interview about our plastic-free party bags

I had the privilege of being interviewed about our eco-friendly party bags with the lovely Ben from VeganBlogger78.

Click the link to find out all about what makes our party bags so special and what’s driven me to start this business.