Big turtle – fairtrade and plastic free


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The bigger version of our much-loved baby turtle!

A toy for kids who really care about our ocean, our stunning turtle toys with removable shells – they are 100% plastic free and also Fairtrade.

As with all our cotton and kapok toys, each one is unique in colour combinations and is completely free of any plastic stuffing that is found in most children’s toys.

They carry the European Safety Certificate (CE label) making them suitable for any age. Aprox 22 x 21cm and machine washable at 30.

kapok toys

Fairtrade. More about how they are made…

There are no factory lines, child labour or sweatshops in our supplier’s facilities in Sri Lanka, and the highly skilled workers are paid fairly for their incredible talents. The village workshops are close to the homes of the weavers and sewers and nothing is mass-produced, making these little characters really very special and a toy to keep well into adulthood.

Your order will be shipped with a complimentary packet of seeds for the bees, an eco hero card and one of our charity-supporting newspaper bags ready to gift. See our build your own section for additional toys and treats to add to your bag.

The Kapok pod – a natural and traditional filler for toys, coats and bedding. Machine washable and CE tested safe from birth.



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