Biodegradable vegan eco glitter mini bottles



Add some extra fun and sparkle to your party bags and gifts with biodegradable ocean friendly glitter.

Each 1.75g bottle goes a surprisingly long way. Apply a thin layer of gel to skin (aloe, petroleum jelly-based style product or lip balm work best) then using a make up brush or the tip of your finger gently dab on the glitter. Each bottle will be sent with a little info card on its eco credentials.

It is safe for children, but we recommend not putting on children under 3 years old, as they have a habit of rubbing their little faces and also due to the size of the bottles.

Eco Glitter is plastic-free, cruelty-free and vegan friendly. A handy guide of how best to apply the glitter is here. You can use petroleum jelly or lip balm if you don’t have any aloe gel.  It’s non toxic, free of heavy metals and approved for cosmetic use. The film is sustainably sourced, there are no genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms. If you have preferred colour – please mention at checkout.

Have fun and SPARKLE!


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