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We source our seeds from a UK supplier, and all the wildflower seeds are of native UK origin. We don’t buy them in from mainland Europe where the mixes are not entirely of British species. We only supply seeds that are of British wildflowers, and therefore suitable for our climate and insects.  The packet is made from recycled paper and itself fully recyclable. Planting instructions are on the reverse.

As with any seeds, children should be supervised when planting them and for this reason they not suitable for children under 3.  Seed types may vary (they will be labeled accordingly)  They will always be flower types that help our bees and are native to the UK. See packet for details.

Seeds area a natural product and subject to the vagaries of nature. To care for your seeds it is important not to water too much or too little. I have found sowing them in pots to germinate and then transferring to the ground (should you wish) when they are established is the best way to protect them from slugs, snails, mice and birds.





3 reviews for British Wildflower Seeds

  1. Julie (verified owner)

    The items for the party bags were a real delight to unpack. Thankfully no plastic packaging on the toys (which we’ve had from other ‘eco’ firms) and good quality, solid items. The children at the adoption party were excited to see what they had in their bags and really intrigued that it wasn’t a collection of run of the mill things. The parents were surprised and pleased too so I would expect you may get a few orders now. Thank you for the care you showed along the way.

  2. Genevieve Labbe (verified owner)

    Those seemed like a lovely idea for party bags but unfortunately I had several friends reporting that they didn’t germinate, which I also experienced with the leftover packs. Very disappointed!

    • Emmeline

      Thank you for the feedback. I’ll pass it on to the lady I get the seeds from to let her know. I test out every batch in my own garden and they have come up beautifully. The only reason I can think of was that it could have been the very late cold snap we had in Spring or if they are in soil that is too dry which can hinder growth, either way I’d be more than happy to send replacement packets to you as this is the first issue we’ve had with seeds.

  3. Amy (verified owner)

    I bought 3 packs and each one has created lovely greenery with some pretty flowers

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