Chocolate Mylk Organic Buttons – in home compostable packaging



To kids these are delicious creamy chocolate buttons to be eaten as quickly as physically possible!

For us grown-ups it’s good to know they are organic, raw and free from refined sugar, diary and soy – they are actually good for our little ones’ tummies and they are seriously tasty.

The packaging is also completely compostable in your food waste caddy – just throw the packet in your compost bin with vegetable peelings – within a few weeks the bag will have completely broken down and returned to nature.

Most importantly, Ombar’s entire supply chain is carefully monitored to ensure everyone from farmers to exporters are compensated fairly and the chain of production is free from child or slave labor.

To lean more about the cacao trade and why it’s so important to buy responsibly see

More can easily be ordered in faster when stocks are low or out. Please call 07834364426 or email to enquire – thank you.

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