Classroom Bundle 4



Each bag contains:

  • Packet of British wildflower seeds for bees
  • Animal card to colour in. One animal template will be selected per bag
  • Eco hero card – printed on recycled paper using vegan-friendly ink with top eco tips and fun game to play
  • Our NGO supporting Indian newspaper bag (see details below)
  • Fully compostable blank sticker for you to add children’s names, a message or use to simply seal the bags

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Kids will love to take home their unique Newspaper Bags, seeds to grow and an animal shape to colour in and decorate. There is a fun word search they can complete on the back of the eco hero card as well as learn about how we can all help our planet. Great value at just £2 per bag.

eco friendly party bag

Seeds – the packet is made from recycled paper and is its self fully recyclable. I get our seeds from a UK supplier and so all of the wildflower seeds are of native UK origin. They do not buy them in from Europe where the mixes are not entirely of British species. We only supply seeds that are of British wildflowers, and therefore suitable for our climate and insects.

Animal colouring in card – The fun animal shapes can be colouring in or crafted in any way the children like. Six animal shapes will be spread across the bags – lion, monkey, giraffe, bird, crocodile and hippo. they make great shadow puppets too.

Eco Hero Card – Bright and fun card that comes with a word search game and easy ways kids can help be eco-heros

Party Bag – Our newspaper bags are made by an NGO whose main objective is to provide education and shelter to street children. This eco-friendly product is made from recycled Indian newspaper. The organisation was started in 2004 by street children who wanted to give something back in return for the opportunities which had allowed them to escape desperate circumstances. These elder children, now with children of their own, generate an income by making newspaper bags and jute items. This allows them to take care of the children that they have taken in from the streets surrounding New Delhi train station. Support for this wonderful project means that these children can enjoy going to school and playing, rather than pulling rickshaws, shoe polishing, rag picking and worse.

The newspapers are either in Indian language or English. They are made from recycled newspapers, this is why sometimes your bag will have a completed crossword!


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