DIY Crackers!

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  • 1 x Flatpack plain cracker made from 170gsm recycled card
  • 2 x Recycled paper activity sheet (mixed designs, including origami)
  • 1 x Paper party hat (various colours)
  • 2 x Organic twine for each end
  • 1 x Fully compostable blank sticker for you to add children’s names or a message

Ages 3 and up.

plastic free party bagsCrackers – for birthdays, Easter, Christmas, weddings – whenever and wherever you want to party, our recycled card DIY crackers are a great way to add a personalised touch to your celebration. They come blank and ready to be decorated to make your celebration unique. 

Our FSC beechwood spinners, Fairtrade friendship bands and twig pencils fit perfectly into the crackers. These are not included but available as add-ons – or why not add your own homemade gifts, you’d be surprised how much fits in!

When flat and before assembly, our crackers measure 35.8cm long and 18.7cm wide. When assembled, they measure approximately 30cm long overall (as they get shorter when assembled) with a 9.5cm long central barrel (11.5cm into the centre of the twist before the handle) and are 5.8cm wide.

We do not include the cracker snaps unless requested as they are not suitable for under 12’s. Please add the note “please supply snaps” at check out if you require them.

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