Fairtrade Christmas bundle – option 1



Take the hassle out of shopping with this great bundle of Fairtrade Christmas treats ready to gift.

In option 1 you get

    • Pack of 10 hand-crafted twig Fairtrade pencils from Thailand
    • Fairtrade charity-supporting stocking made from a recycled cotton sari
    • Handmade mini soft toy
    • Spinner made from sustainable (FSC) timber
    • Organic cotton pencil case with our happy little whale logo
    • Eco hero card – printed on recycled paper using vegan-friendly ink – top tips and fun game to play

fairtrade kids christmas zero waste christmas

Twig pencils We source our unique twig pencils from a dedicated Fairtrade wholesaler. The pencils are crafted from natural tamarind tree branches in Thailand by a small family business. Our supplier has visited the family personally to ensure its eco credentials and its Fairtrade status.

Soft Toy – These adorable little toys are Fairtrade and each one is handmade made in Sri Lanka. They use traditional weaving methods using natural cotton, hand dyed and stitched giving an unmistakable character and quality to each one. They measure between 6-8 cm each and are CE tested making them safe for children of any age. Each bag will include one toy of either a pig, (cow sold out) or a dinosaur. Please note at checkout of you have a preference.

Organic pencil case made using organic cotton and from our UK supplier of ethically sourced promotional goods. Made in the EU. Our cute whale logo in on one side and the other is blank.

Cotton stocking – Made by women in Bangladesh who are given the opportunity to gain freedom from a life of exploitation through employment and training bringing a hope for them and their families. Each stocking is unique, made from recycled cotton sari and colour patterns will vary although the main colour will be the deep seasonal red as seen in the example images.40x 24 cm approx.

Eco Hero Card – Bright and fun card that comes with a word search game and easy ways kids can help be eco-heros.

We have lots of add ons as well in our seasonal category here such as vegan bathbombs dairy free and soy free organic chocolate buttons, hand carved ink stamps, notepads and much more – or if you fancy making up u own bag from our products feel free to drop me a message and we can build the perfect bag(s) for you.





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