Make and munch party bags with Play In Choc

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Each bag contains:

  • Organic chocolates (x2 packs) in home compostable packets and a build-your-own toy made from recycled paper
  • Eco hero card – printed on recycled paper using vegan-friendly ink with top eco tips and fun game to play
  • Our charity-supporting Indian newspaper bag (see details below)
  • Fully compostable blank sticker for you to add children’s names, a message or use to simply seal the bagfairtrade party bags

When low on stock please contact as more can easily be ordered.

In each party bag you will find a box containing 2 x 10g individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic dairy free vegan certified chocolates and a delightful woodland animal card toy to assemble – perfect for little hands and creative minds.

There are 18 different toy animals available which come with their own fun facts educational info card.

The chocolate is organic and vegan certified, it avoids potential allergens such as soy, gluten and dairy and contains no refined sugar. The packaging is environmentally responsible and uses only recycled, recyclable and compostable materials. Our chocolate is wrapped in clear film that is 100% plant-based and completely home compostable.

The cute box comes inside one of our newspaper bags and includes our eco hero card and compostable name sticker / bag seal. For ages 3 and above.

plastic free party bags

You can add wildflower seeds, or extra toys to your bags here


Eco Hero Card – Bright and fun card that comes with a word search game and easy ways kids can help be eco-heros

Party Bag – Our newspaper bags are made by an NGO whose main objective is to provide education and shelter to street children. This eco-friendly product is made from recycled Indian newspaper. The organisation was started in 2004 by street children who wanted to give something back in return for the opportunities which had allowed them to escape desperate circumstances. These elder children, now with children of their own, generate an income by making newspaper bags and jute items. This allows them to take care of the children that they have taken in from the streets surrounding New Delhi train station. Support for this wonderful project means that these children can enjoy going to school and playing, rather than pulling rickshaws, shoe polishing, rag picking and worse.

The newspapers are either in Indian language or English. They are made from recycled newspapers, this is why sometimes your bag will have a completed crossword!




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