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These mega impressive big thorny devils measure in at approx 40cm nose to the tip of their tail when stretched out and are not for the faint hearted  – although they are very sweet and cuddly underneath those soft spikes! Every one is a unique selection of colours, made from cotton and hand stitched – which is incredible when you look at the details of their backs. They are stuffed with kapok which is a biodegradable and environmentally sound vegan-friendly material. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind stand out gift these are perfect and they are one of our best selling toys!

Fairtrade. More about how they are made…

There are no factory lines, child labour or sweatshops in our supplier’s facilities and the highly skilled workers are paid fairly for their incredible talents. The village workshops are close to the homes of the weavers and sewers and nothing is mass-produced, making these little characters really very special and a toy to keep well into adulthood. They carry the European Safety Certificate (CE label)making them suitable for any age.

Your order will be shipped with a complimentary packet of seeds for the bees, an eco hero card and one of our charity-supporting newspaper bags.

The Kapok pod – a natural and traditional filler for toys, coats and bedding.


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