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dinosaur party bagSo what is Playin Choc? It’s like a Kinder Egg, but with fairly traded dairy free chocolate and no landfill waste left over!

plastic free dinosaur party bagEach card box contains two individually wrapped, deliciously creamy, organic dairy free chocolates and a delightful cardboard dino toy to assemble. The toy is one of a series of 18 and also comes with its own fun facts educational info card.

Because we care about you and our environment the range is organic, vegan, avoids potential allergens (soy, gluten and dairy free), contains no refined sugar, is environmentally responsible and uses only recycled, recyclable and compostable materials and is certified slave free chocolate. Our chocolate is wrapped in clear film that is 100% plant-based and completely home compostable.

100% organic ingredients:

Cacao mass, coconut sugar, creamed coconut, cacao butter, vanilla

Ages 3+

Gift them as they are or why not pop them in one of our NGO supporting newspaper party / gift bags with one of our fun dino origami sets and dino vegan crayons for the ultimate dinosaur party bag!

More can easily be ordered in faster when stocks are low or out. Please call 07834364426 to enquire – thank you.


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