The Eco Hero



Each bag contains
  • Bamboo toothbrush – various colour bristles
  • Bamboo reusable straw
  • Recycled paper activity sheet
  • Eco hero card. Printed on recycled paper using vegan-friendly ink with top eco tips and fun game to play
  • Our NGO supporting Indian newspaper bag (see details below)
  • Fully compostable blank sticker for you to add children’s names, a message or use to simply seal the bags

Introducing the eco warrior party bag – the perfect way to encourage and showcase eco living to children and their families post-party with everyday useful plastic-free swaps. 

In each bag you’ll find a bamboo kids toothbrush, a reusable natural 15cm bamboo straw, our eco hero card full of tips to protect the planet, a compostable name sticker and some fun recycled paper activity sheets.

Why not add a Fairtrade friendship bracelet, dairy free organic chocolate buttons or a hand carved ink stamp from our build your own bag section too?

For ages 3 and up.  Toothbrushes will be either red, blue, pink or plain coloured bristles (glass pot not included)
plastic free party bags
Greener Habits vegan kids bamboo and BPA free extra soft bristle toothbrushes. “At Greener Habits we only stock products which are planet, animal and people friendly. This also means making sure the people who make our products are paid fairly and treated well. Our toothbrushes are ethically made in a family run business in China which employs 50 people. They are paid a very fair wage, 25 RMB per hour during the day, and 35 RMB per our during the night (I have been informed this is very fair in China), and work in a clean and safe environment” Made from pesticide free Mao bamboo, brush measures 14.5cm in length.


Bamboo Straws – 15 cm length. These reusable bamboo straws are 100% natural and made by a family run business in Bali. They source their bamboo from their own forest plot, cut the bamboo into pieces using cutting machines, then wash them inside and out using only water, leaving them to dry naturally in the sun. No chemicals are used in this process. Bamboo straws are made to last a long time, but if for any reason you wish to dispose of your straws you will be happy to know they are 100% compostable and biodegradable, returning back to raw natural materials very quickly.

Taking Care of Your Straws: After each use it is important to clean and dry your straws, to make sure they last. If you are drinking water or a soft drink, they can be simply rinsed with luke warm water and a small drop of washing up liquid. If using your straws for a thicker drink such as a smoothie, use a drop of washing up liquid on a cleaning brush, to make sure no bits get left inside of your straw. Always let your bamboo straws dry fully.

Party Bag – our newspaper bags are made by an NGO whose main objective is to provide education and shelter to street children. This eco-friendly product is made from recycled Indian newspaper. The organisation was started in 2004 by street children who wanted to give something back in return for the opportunities which had allowed them to escape desperate circumstances. These elder children, now with children of their own, generate an income by making newspaper bags and jute items. This allows them to take care of the children that they have taken in from the streets surrounding New Delhi train station. Support for this wonderful project means that these children can enjoy going to school and playing, rather than pulling rickshaws, shoe polishing, rag picking and worse.

The newspapers are either in Indian language or English. They are made from recycled newspapers, this is why sometimes your bag will have a completed crossword!

plastic free party bags
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