Twig Colour Pencils x 5



We are happy to now offer our twig pencils in smaller bundles of 5. Ages 3+

We source our unique twig pencils from a dedicated and accredited Fairtrade wholesaler. The pencils are crafted from natural tamarind tree branches in Thailand by a small family business. Our supplier has visited the workshop personally to ensure its eco credentials, that there is no child labour and its Fairtrade status.

The trees are farmed for their fruit and after the fruit is harvested, the branches are cut and left to dry in the sun. They are then drilled and the pencil colour is inserted. The pencil colour does not run the whole length of the pencil as this is not possible with this natural product. Each one measures approximately 8cm – 13cm.

For our bundles of 10 pencils click here 

fiartrade twig pencils


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