Ultimate gift bundle – option 3



Take the hassle out of shopping with a carefully selected range of our Fairtrade plastic-free toys ready to gift.

In option 3 you get

  • Hand stitched mouse with removable outfit – stuffed with kapok not polyfil
  • Thumb piano – made in Bali – slide the keys up or down to tune
  • Rainbow panpipe – hand painted
  • Paper decoration made from cotton industry waste
  • Dairy free and soy free raw chocolate buttons in compostable packaging
  • Hand carved ink stamp
  • Newspaper bag and eco hero card

eco christmas gifts plastic free

Mouse – No two of these adorable mice are the same: each one is hand stitched – including their little outfits, which are removable, making them extra fun for children to dress and undress. Fairtraded from Sri Lanka, these mice are made from cotton, meticulously woven and hand stitched by one skilled worker per toy. The stuffing is kapok, a completely biodegradable material.

There are no factory lines, child labour or sweatshops in our supplier’s facilities and the highly skilled women are paid fairly for their incredible talents. The village workshops are close to the homes of the weavers and sewers and nothing is mass-produced, making these little characters really very special and a toy to keep well into adulthood. They carry the European Safety Certificate (CE label) too. Each toy is approximately 18cm high with a fabulous tail!

If you would prefer a mouse in a dress or shorts please add a note at checkout.

Piano – Made in Bali our Fairtrade thumb pianos measure 15 x 7am making them ideal for little hands to hold and play. The sound is gentle and even very young children can make a beautiful tune.

Panpipe – These are little ceramic painted ocarinas shaped as panpipes, a great size for little hands. Each comes with string / pendant and is hand made in Peru and fairly traded. Children will need to place their thumbs over the two holes at the back to begin to make music! Size 5.5 x 5 cm – not suitable for children under 3 due to the neck string.

Printing block – handmade and Fairtrade, these wooden printing blocks from Jaipur are a perfect size for little hands and creative minds. There are 12 designs in total, one per bag. We love to make wrapping paper and handmade cards with ours.

Ombar chocolate buttons  to kids these are just amazing chocolate buttons to be eaten as quickly as physically possible! For us grown-ups it’s good to know they are organic, raw and free from refined sugar – they are actually good for our little ones’ tummies and they are delicious. We have tasted quite a few, just to make sure! The packaging is also completely compostable in your food waste. Ombar’s entire supply chain is carefully monitored to ensure everyone from farmers to exporters are compensated fairly.

Organic ingredients: raw cacao*, cocoa butter*, coconut sugar*, live culture: Lactobacillus acidophilus. Cocoa solids 72% minimum.Nutritional Information (Per 25g Bag): Energy 605kj (146kcal), Fat 11g, of which saturates 7g, Carbohydrates 11g, of which sugars 6g, Protein 2.3g, Salt 0g. May contain traces of nuts. All Ombar products are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and free of refined sugar.
*certified organic

Eco Hero Card – Bright and fun card that comes with a word search game and easy ways kids can help be eco-heros.



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