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The idea for Plastic Free Party Bags started in Spring 2018 when my daughter brought home another plastic-filled party bag from school. We both knew the items in the bag would last less than a day – but the packaging would stay on this earth over her lifetime.

Like most kids, she loves party bags, and it’s a such a generous and kind way to share your child’s special day. But traditional bags are filled with single-use plastic adding to the pollution crisis we are now dealing with and will shape our kids’ future here on Earth.

On the walk home from school, I thought about alternatives to the plastic items and how nice it would be to have party bags that gave the kids lots of fun but without costing or damaging the earth and the idea for Plastic Free Party Bags was born.

We want to go the extra mile and make these party bags really count, so have spent time sourcing Fairtrade fillers and toys which, where possible, actively support NGOs or the people who have produced them.

Unlike other suppliers who have ‘eco ranges’ or are chasing the vegan and eco pound, all our toys are free from single use plastic and as I am an ethical vegan nothing contains any animal products. For anyone interested in this lifestyle, I have a popular positive vegan parenting blog littlevbigv.com which has been running for a few years now.

We hope you and your little ones love the bags and thank you for your custom which helps us support some wonderful organisations and NGOs as well as taking care of our amazing and beautiful planet and all who inhabit her, human and non-human.

Emmeline and Ruby

Emmeline & Ruby from Plastic Free Party Bags

Suitable for everyone

plastic free party bagsThe bags are vegan-friendly, meaning they are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and those on a meat-free or dairy-free diet for ethical, religious or medical reasons. We have also made the bags gender-neutral, again making sure they are inclusive for every child, so no child feels left out. We have been awarded a Good Practice Award from Let Toys be Toys.


Your bags will be delivered in recycled boxes collected from local businesses or from deliveries I have received – this may include second-hand bubble wrap or similar materials that I would encourage you to please reuse as well. Our packing tape is unbleached and made from recycled paper. I ask all my suppliers that don’t already have clear packaging policies to use no plastic packaging, or as little as possible and any received is either reused or recycled correctly.

Note – by law there may be toys that have very small CE stickers on. This is a legal requirement on some products – however, they will never be in plastic individual plastic packaging. 


We use a vegan-owned printers, which means that our business cards, flyers and eco superhero cards are printed using vegan-friendly ink and we choose recycled paper.

Word search – Did you find our word search on our eco card – click the thumbnail for the answers if you need helping hand.

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  1. Hi there I’m in Australia, I am wondering if you do wholesale?

    1. Can you email me please at plasticfreepartybags@gmail.com. Thank you, Emmeline

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